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About Cyprus


Cyprus, the safe, fun and affordable island of the Mediterranean, is calling you. Here we share a lot of information about Cyprus history, Cyprus holidays, Cyprus universities, Cyprus investment opportunities and Cyprus nightlife with you. Through the Cyprus Real Estate Center, you can get to know Cyprus in depth and buy the most beautiful Cyprus properties.

Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island, the third largest island in the Mediterranean.
Looking from Turkey it is situated  South.
Fair to say opposite of the Turkish City  Mersin.


Cyprus Map

Maybe it will be more convenient  to continue our article looking at the Cyprus map.
The island’s northern shore faces the Taurus Mountain Chain in Turkey.
That is 65 kilometers from the closest point with Turkey.

The most eastern part, the Karpaz  peninsula points at Syria.
The distance between Syria’s Latakia Port and Cyprus is 112 kilometers.
Egypt is in the south of the island. The distance between Egypt and Cyprus is 418 kilometers.

Looking at the map of Cyprus, you see a border passing through, pointing that the island is a divided island.
36 percent of the island of Cyprus is under Turkish rule.
There is a small proportion of 3% consisting of  British sovereign Bases, the rest is Southern Cyprus.


Cyprus Cities and Regions

As  aforementioned, Cyprus is an island, however an island divided into  two zones.
Therefore, it is paramount to  contextualize both sides separately in order to have a clear vision whilst writing about and describing the island
Let’s get started with the cities of Southern Cyprus.
There are 4 cities under the Greek administration.
Being the capital of both sides, Nicosia is the last remaining divided capital in Europe.
Other Southern Cyprus cities are, Paphos, Larnaca and Limassol.
Two British Military Bases are in Agrotur and Dhekelia.

Districts in Northern Cyprus are listed as: Capital City Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt, Iskele and Lefke.


Cyprus Population

Unfortunately, official figures are not really covering the population of Cyprus. Not only for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, but also for the Republic of Cyprus..
According to official  figures, the population of the island of Cyprus is 1.2 million people.
The official  population of the TRNC is 382.230…
Obviously  it is worth mentioning  that only citizens are counted in the census.
On both sides, there are a lot of expats, setting up businesses, students in higher education and military officers.
Therefore the population of the  TRNC  is estimated in the region of 800 thousand   and the estimated population on the island should be well  over 2 million inhabitants.

Citizenship of Cyprus

The citizenship of the South in Cyprus is the citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus. As the Republic of Cyprus is a European Union member country, EU citizenship is automatically granted. Lately this has become very popular among certain 3rd countries. Investors in far east countries particularly are very keen to obtain citizenship from the South by applying to the ‘Golden Visa Scheme’ set up by the government to attract investments over 2 million Euros. This scheme is now suspended following investigations of granting irregular citizenships. Permanent residency can be obtained by investing € 300.000 in property. 

Being a citizen of Northern Cyprus does not provide an international advantage for now. But it is important if you are going to start a business or going to invest…  As a foreign investor, you are subject to certain restrictions. However, once you become a citizen, you are exempt from the restrictions on real estate purchase and establishing companies.

This is the reason  why there are many business people attempting to obtain TRNC citizenship.
There are three options to become a citizen of the TRNC
1- By marriage  with a TRNC citizen. After 3 years, you have automatically the right to citizenship and can apply for it.
2- With a 10-year uninterrupted work permit / business permit / residence permit, you have the right to apply for citizenship.
3 – The Council of Ministers is entitled to grant citizenship to foreign nationals for outstanding services to the TRNC in the fields of science, sports, politics and culture. 

NOTE: When you do not fulfill requirements of becoming a citizen, please stay away from offers proclaiming to get you citizenship. Unfortunately, many citizenship fraudsters are at work in both Southern Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. 


Cyprus Weather

The third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia, has all the characteristics of the Mediterranean Climate. As  written in schoolbooks, summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy.
Although the summers have always been hot in the last period, rainfall has decreased throughout Cyprus.
Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus are at both ends of the same island in this respect.
But there are some differences.
For example, whereas Northern Cyprus longs for snowfall, theTroodos Mountains in the South offer ski slopes. The Winter period  is rainy and can be tough at times.
Recently, unexpected heavy rainfall caused problems in the North. Due to rapid urbanization and neglected infrastructure works, torrential rains turned into floods.

The average annual temperature is 19 degrees. Looking at Northern Cyprus from a Northern European perspective, winter months are considered to be warm. Expats and guests from Scandinavian countries, British and Russians opt to swim in the sea frequently and continue to make use of their shorts for walks even in winter.

The Cyprus climate pushes temperature limits in Summer though. Thermometers generally show temperatures very well over 40 degrees Celsius. Air conditioning is the only way out then. At home, in the car, at work… Air conditioning works everywhere at any time.  Sometimes even that may not suffice for heat sensitive people.
On scorching summer days, a work ban is declared occasionally.
The elderly, children and those with underlying health issues are warned not to go out.
Therefore, if you are thinking of a vacation or travelling in the hot summer TRNC weather, make sure to check out the weather forecast. 


Cyprus Government

Please read detailed information about both the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus governments below. 

Republic of Cyprus

Republic of Cyprus / (Southern Cyprus) is governed by a democratic parliamentary system.

The Republic of Cyprus in the South is the internationally recognized government in Cyprus.  

The capital city is Nicosia (Lefkosia/ Lefkoşa)

The official language is Greek and Turkish.

President of the Republic of Cyprus:  Nikos Anastasia is

A Presidential Governmental System is implemented in the South.
In other words, Anastasia is the president of both the country and the government.
The legislature, executive and judiciary bodies function independently in the country.
Presidential elections are held every 5 years.
The seat of the Vice President of the Republic of Cyprus is vacant.

The House of Representatives is the parliament of the Republic of Cyprus. Members and three observers representing the Armenian, Latin and Maronite minorities are elected by proportional representation every five years. 56 MP’s are elected at an election every 5 years. The House consists of 80 seats in total, 70% are allocated to the Greek Cypriot Community and 30% are allocated to the Turkish Cypriot Community.  The seats of the Turkish Cypriot community, remain vacant since 1964.

There are 11 ministries in the Republic of Cyprus.

Republic of Cyprus Ministries:

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment
  • Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism
  • Ministry of Transport, Communications and Communication Affairs
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Education and Culture
  • The Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Justice and Public Order
  • Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance

The literacy rate is 99 percent; the official currency is Euro.

Traffic flow is from the left, right hand drive is used on the roads in the South.

The form of administration of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the Republic. The President is the head of the state and the Prime Minister is the head of the government. A Multi-party system is applied in TRNC. The executive power lays with the Council of Ministers, and the legislature is with the TRNC Assembly. There are 50 MP’s in the Assembly of the Republic.
Parliamentary elections are held every 5 years.

TRNC President: Ersin Tatar
TRNC Prime Minister: Ersan Saner

Parties with seats in the Parliament:
National Unity Party (UBP), Republican Turkish Party (CTP), People’s Party (HP), Communal Democracy Party (TDP), Democratic Party (DP), Rebirth Party (YDP)

TRNC Ministry List

  • Prime Minister
  • Deputy Prime Ministry, Ministry of Economy and Energy
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of National Education and Culture
  • The Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • Ministry of Tourism and Environment
  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Traffic flow is from the left; right hand drive is used on the roads in the South.

The Internet domain extension is .tr

Cyprus Municipalities

Municipalities of the island are important for both sides. Because it is a small island, there is fierce competition in local elections.
Among the municipalities in the South, municipalities  belonging to the same cities as Northern Cyprus draw attention.
First of all, there is the divided capital, Nicosia having two municipalities.
Güzelyurt and Famagusta municipalities exist in Southern Cyprus. Kyrenia, despite not having borders with the south does have a municipality as well in the South. These municipalities have a symbolic status and have no execution power.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, on the other hand, has quite a number of municipalities. 28 to be precise. Too many municipalities are often considered to be a major economic burden, experience serious economic difficulties to keep up, and are frequently combined to reduce their numbers.

The List of TRNC Municipalities;

Nicosia Municipality 
Nicosia Turkish Municipality
Akıncılar Municipality
Alayköy Municipality
Gönyeli Municipality
Degirmenlik Municipality

Kyrenia Municipality 
Kyrenia Municipality
Alsancak Municipality
Çatalköy Municipality
Dikmen Municipality
Esentepe Municipality
Lapta Municipality

Famagusta Municipality 
Famagusta Municipality
Akdogan Municipality
Tatlısu Municipality
Vadili Municipality
Geçitkale municipalities
Paşaköy Municipality
Beyarmudu Municipal
İnönü Municipality
Serdarlı Municipality
Yeniboğaziçi Municipality

İskele Municipality
İskele Municipality
Büyükkonuk Municipality
Dipkarpaz Municipality
Mehmetçik Municipality
Yeni Erenköy Municipality

Morphou Municipality
Morphou Municipality

Lefke Municipalities
Lefke Municipality

The Internet domain extension is cy.


Cyprus Visa

Crossing between two zones is very easy for some, impossible for others despite Cyprus being an island. If you are a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus and live in the North (whetheror not having  the TRNC citizenship), you can easily cross to Southern Cyprus.  Likewise  if you are a citizen of the European Union.
Therefore, citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and EU citizens living in the TRNC frequently cross borders just for a shopping trip during the day, an extended weekend stay or sometimes to attend concerts or other events as well as using the airports.

If you are a citizen of the Republic of Turkey however,  even if you  subsequently became a citizen of the TRNC, you will not be able to cross borders.

Northern Cyprus Visa

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus does not require a visa upfront.

The immigration entry is straight forward. You get a 30 to 90 days’ tourist visa upon arrival by the immigration officer at no cost. This is the so called tourist visa.

Should you like to stay longer you would have to apply for a temporary residence permit. This permit is obtained relatively easy these days with on line applications provided that you fulfill the criteria.

So far for the TRNC tourist visa. In addition, there are different types of visas for employees or investors.

Permission to establish a business is issued for those who play an active role in the TRNC economy and start a business. A working permit is obtained for those who work or will come to work in the TRNC, and those who have real estate investments apply for  residence permit.
All permits are valid for 1 year. Permissions have to be renewed every year.


Cyprus Transportation

Cyprus is an island, therefore there are two means of arrival to the island. Either by Air or by sea transport.
Southern Cyprus is always busy in terms of airlines. Planes are landing from every country in the world, with very affordable ticket prices most of the time.
There are two airports in Southern Cyprus. Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has only one airport for civilian passengers: Ercan International Airport.
Let’s make a note here saying that unfortunately, the airport’s name includes the word international, but international flights are not allowed directly. Any plane approaching from a destination other than Turkey would have to touch down in Turkey and then continue to Ercan Airport. Ercan Airport serves only for aircrafts from and to Turkey.
The travel embargo implemented under the leadership of Southern Cyprus restricts the TRNC in this respect.

Using sea transportation, you can go from Taşucu and Alanya to Kyrenia and from Mersin to Famagusta by sea buses. There is sea transportation from Hatay to TRNC from time to time.  Previously, there were sea carriers between Syria’s Latakia port to Famagusta which have been suspended now.

Southern Cyprus has picked up ferry services with Greece again after 1990.

Apart from that, Southern Cyprus welcomes many passengers with private yachts. Marina investments in the South are above the European average. The yacht capacity is quite high. Limassol and Larnaca marinas are the most famous ones used by yachtsmen internationally. The smaller ones are predominantly used by locals.

There are also prestigious marinas in Northern Cyprus. Yeni Erenköy Karpaz Gate Marina has been among the best marinas in Europe for years, having been granted many international awards.  In Kyrenia the Delta Marina in addition to the recently opened marina of the Les Ambassadeurs Hotel are official entry ports to the TRNC. As the demand exceeds the capacity for Kyrenia many Cypriot amateur sailors faced difficulties to get a slot to moor their boots.  


Cyprus Rent a Car

Let’s share notes for domestic transportation in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus after your arrival by air or by sea. Public transport is not very common in the TRNC. Minibuses following a certain route are frequently  used, however the schedule would not run after early evening hours. During the day you would find many along the Kyrenia main roads. To travel from Nicosia to Kyrenia or return to Nicosia we would advise to use Kombos busses departing from city terminals. They also have stops along the road to hop on. Other companies’ busses are running between Iskele and Famagusta and Famagusta to Nicosia. Güzelyurt also has a bus line arriving at and departing from Nicosia. Perhaps it should be noted that the public transportation is mainly used by workers as most of families would have a car or two.  

TRNC Driving License

As a tourist in the TRNC you are able to rent a car and use it with your driving licence for the duration of your entry visa.
If you are going to stay for a short time and consider renting a car, you will find many car rental companies offering services at the exit gate of Ercan Airport. For practicality reasons it would be convenient to rent from there and return the car at the airport upon your departure. Your passport and your driver’s license as well as your credit card will suffice for the rental contract. However, always check the body condition and fuel level when receiving the vehicle. Do not take the rental contract with you. It replaces the vehicle license at occasional police checks.

Should you have a work, business or residency permit, you are obliged to obtain a TRNC driving license. Should you continue to drive without a TRNC license, you would risk to not being covered by the car insurance in case of an accident.  Foreigners with the exception of Turkish nationals must take a written and practical exam in order to obtain a TRNC driving license.

If you already have a valid TRNC driving license valid for more than 2 years you can apply for a new one without charge. If your license expires in less than 2 years you will need to pay a fee to get the new one.

TRNC Traffic Fines

Always remember that the traffic in TRNC is operating from the left. The car steering at the right, implicating reverse steering habits for drivers Turkey and the rest of Europe. As it is out of habit it can be unforgiving when not paying attention!

We would like you to draw your attention to the fact that the traffic police in North Cyprus frequently uses radars to fine those exceeding speed limits. There are also fixed radars on the roads taking photos of the license plate to be send the fine to your address. Should  you leave the island without paying the fine you will have to pay the fine  with interest at the immigration gate at your next entry to the country.
Speeding on the roads is unforgiven by  TRNC traffic police. Especially if you get caught intoxicated above limits behind the wheel you will risk to be arrested. So whatever happens, obey the traffic rules, don’t risk anyone’s life or yours.  One more note, TRNC traffic fines have to be directly paid at police headquarters.


Cyprus Universities

The competition in every field between the two parts of Cyprus is fierce, but the competition at higher education and real estate sectors can get nasty sometimes. Very often TRNC institutions have to face a smear campaign stating that TRNC universities deliver poor quality and try to prevent TRNC universities from participating at international fairs.
Despite this campaigns, Northern Cyprus, encountering an increasing number of universities and potential students is represented at every platform.

The number of universities in Southern Cyprus is 12. The accumulated
number of students attending  those 12 universities providing international education is around 53 thousand.
Northern Cyprus definitely has the upper hand  in number universities compared to the South.
There are 27 active universities in TRNC. Licenses have been issued for 15 more universities which are expected to complete their final preparations.
The number of students in the TRNC is over 100 thousand.

Cyprus Student Dormitories

Based on the number of universities naturally the number of students enrolling is significantly higher in the North. Hence there are more alternatives in the TRNC with regards to dormitory.

Southern Cyprus student dormitories are mostly build within the  university complexes.
In Northern Cyprus, on other hand, there are many private dormitory enterprises offering student accommodation in addition to dormitory’s of universities.  

One of the biggest reasons for these investments until was that the Development Bank provided loans and incentives for dormitory investors until recently.

Dormitories in Southern Cyprus are priced in Euros, as it’s the currency whereas dormitories in Northern Cyprus are usually asking to be paid in dollars. Although the official currency in TRNC is Turkish Lira, but dormitories prefer to be paid in dollars.

NOTE: Many facilities set up with the intention of operating as a dormitory could not reach the desired profitability and were either sold on or were converted into boutique hotels. In order to prevent losses, it would be strongly advised for future investors to obtain a thorough analysis and good interpretation of the process.


Cyprus Hotels

Until 1974, Closed Varosha was the first area that came to mind when talking about hotels in Cyprus. Rumor has it that from 1974 to 2004 all the reservations of existing hotels were complete.
Later on  a competition of  hotels  began between the North and the South.
Again, Southern Cyprus implemented intensive embargo attempts.
Being backed up by  the power of Greece and the European Union, it holds back  international hotel chains to be active in Northern Cyprus.
Nevertheless, the  TRNC receives  serious investments in this field.
Turkey has formed a strong foundation at the TRNC accommodating  Net Holding with their Merit Hotels chain. The  Limak Group, Kaya Group and Concorde Hotels Chain are also continuing to increase their investments.
In Southern Cyprus, international brands such as Hilton and Radisson stand out among other competitors.


Cyprus Casinos

The TRNC is definitely ahead in this game !
Even casino enthusiasts may they be local or international travel to the North to enjoy gambling.

The main reason for this was that until recently, there was no casino available  in the South .
However, upon reflection at the numbers of Cypriot citizens frequently gambling using credit cards in the North, casino permits have  started to being issued.
A casino at Larnaca Airport has been recently opened to try to keep up with the pace of the North.

26 casinos are operational in the TRNC. They are mainly  in 4 cities with the exception of Güzelyurt and Lefke.
The general rule is that casinos have to be annexed to hotels proving bed numbers of a certain amount.

These venues, operating 24 hours a day, provide an advantage for attracting tourists and also offer job opportunities for thousands of people.


Cyprus Shopping Centers

Southern Cyprus offers a bigger variety in terms of shopping centers. For example, IKEA stores in Turkey or in Europe, considered to be the ordinary, seems to be a blessing for Cypriots.

Many Turkish Cypriots cross the border to shop at  IKEA in Southern Cyprus.
Nicosia Mall, The Mall of Cyprus, My Mall Limassol and Kings Avenue Mall are the highlights of the Cyprus Shopping Mall list.

There are three medium-sized shopping malls in Northern Cyprus. Famagusta City Mall, Nicosia 1001 Airport AVM and Girne Park AVM in Kyrenia.

In addition to shopping malls, world brands previously opened stores in South Cyprus. In recent years, the trade embargo imposed by the Greek Cypriot side against Northern Cyprus has been slowly disregarded. Establishing serious working relationships with global brands, Turkish investors persuade global brands to operate at TRNC. Domino’s Pizza and Gloria’s Jeans, locally operated by the Kaner Group are examples of that. Seeing the potential, Starbucks, the world famous coffee chain, has been doing market research to enter North Cyprus market for some time.

Cyprus Nightlife

Both the north and south of Cyprus love entertainment. Tavern and bar culture is very common on both sides. When alcohol prices are favorable due to low tax, the consumption rate is high.

Although Kyrenia comes to mind when it comes to nightlife for Northern Cyprus, the global equivalent of Cyprus nightlife is the Ayia Napa region. Its English name is Ayia Napa.

Despite being a small town, it is one of the most popular entertainment centers in Southern Cyprus. Ayia Napa, which is often referred to with sex parties and incidents of harassment and rape, is interestingly named after the church. Ayia Napa, which was an ordinary fishing village before 1974, became one of the symbols of Southern Cyprus by shining its star after the closing of the Maraş region. Ayia Napa landscapes and Ayia Napa photos are among the frequent destinations of Instagram influencers.

Places to Visit in Cyprus

The weather is beautiful, stress is minimal due to the Mediterranean climate, and the people living on the island are warm-blooded. Its sea and the nature are beautiful in every area.

The island of Cyprus is a truly pleasant travel location ticking the box at every point, setting aside the recent history and different approaches of administrations.

In addition it has been named among the top five safest countries in the world.

So where do you begin to discover  the island of Aphrodite?

Cyprus is according to the legend the birth place of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. She certainly has left her mark on gorgeous Cyprus with its cloudless skies, sandy beaches and warm, lapping Mediterranean Sea.

The island may look small as a country but it has a grand history. The enviable position of Cyprus has made its possession so valuable that all who rose to power in the Mediterranean claimed it for a while. If you are looking for more than sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and the sun, Cyprus has plenty of archeological sites, beautiful Byzantine churches and monasteries as well as museums. The incredible wealth of unique fauna and flora with more than 125 endemic plants is an invitation to hike along the mountains in all its glory. You can comfortably base yourself in a town and head out for day trips on land or on the sea.

Castle ruins of St. Hilarion, being the best preserved of the 3 Crusader Bastions, Kantara and as well as the Kyrenia Castle at the picturesque Kyrenia Harbour are not to be missed.

Life revolves around the Bellapais Abbey of the Bellapais village built in the 13th century still used for classical music festivals and exhibitions.

The Salamis ruins close to Famagusta were lying under sand for thousand years before excavation and are very well preserved. The wealth of marble ruins ranks up with ancient Kourion. The Gymnasium, Byzantine Churches and humongous reservoir prove of what must once have been a grand ancient city.

The Othello’s Tower in Famagusta is actually a castle built by Lusignians in the 14th century. Shakespeare was inspired by the story and was inspired to write his famous play named after the castle centuries later probably in 1603.

St. Barnabas churches discovery dates back to 480 AD. The Archbishop convinced the Roman emperor to self-govern the church and achieved a special status. The church as such was replaced in the 18th century by the monastery. It is now used as an icon museum.

Downtown Famagusta you will find the St. Nicholas Church, a gothic cathedral built by the Lusignians. It was converted to a mosque after the Ottoman conquest in 1571 and named after Lala Moustafa Pasha. St. George’s church and the Church of St. Peter & Paul are also to be mentioned.

The Bedestan featuring a long complicated history spanning over thousand years   is located next to the Selimiye Mosque in Nicosia, which is historically known as the Cathedral of St. Sophia. The Selimiye Mosque is housed in the largest and oldest surviving gothic church in Cyprus. Consacregated in 1326 the church was converted into Selimiye Mosque in 1571.

Actually, it is not talked about much, but religious tourism is also active on the island of Cyprus.
A very important worship place   for the Muslim world is in Southern Cyprus, the Hala Sultan Tekke.
Located in Larnaca, on the west bank of the Larnaca Salt Lake the tekke (convent)  was built in the name of Hala Sultan, a foster sister of Prophet Muhammad’s mother. Hala Sultan (Umm Haram) being of very old age, died during a siege of Larnaca. She was later buried where she died. During the Ottoman administration in Cyprus a mosque complex was built in stages around the tomb. Hala Sultan Tekke is being referred to as the third holiest place for Muslims in the world.

Likewise, there are very special places in Northern Cyprus for the Christian world. Dipkarpaz Apostolos Andreas Monastery is of great importance for the Greek Orthodox. The monastery, which has recently undergone restoration, attracts visitors from many countries of the world.

The Baths of Aphrodite on the edge of the Akamas Peninsula is a spot of great mythological significance, these baths are said to be the place that the goddess Aphrodite met her great love, Adonis.

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is a magnificent site with Roman ruins dating back to the 3rd century AD. The adorable antique mosaic tiles are among some of the most well-preserved in the world. The entire city of Paphos in fact, has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The Lefkara village is best known for its embroidery, lace making and silver work, and those skills have been passed on through generations and admired by many including Leonardo Da Vinci when he visited the village in 1481.

Kykkos monastery, set on a mountain peak is adorned with decorations and antique exhibits made from precious metals such as gold, silver, brass, and bronze.

Cyprus Museum is the ultimate destination to learn more about the history of Cyprus’s civilization. With its incredible ancient artefacts, it will introduce you to not only the history of the island, but the important role Cyprus played in the quest for civilization.

Cyprus is becoming increasingly popular for golfers because of its year round climate. In the North, the Korineum Golf Club & Resort is a true gem for golf lovers set in 65 hectares of pure natural Olive and Carob tree scrub land adorning itself with spectacular sea and mountain views from every hole.

The CMC Golf Course is the oldest and original golf course of Cyprus. It is situated in Yesilyurt, close to Lefke on the West Coast of North Cyprus. Originally created for the ex-pat employees of the Cyprus Mining Corporation who were living there to extract the valuable copper and gold deposits in the nearby mountains, it is now a charming 9-hole course with the lovely green stretching down to the waterfront and with fabulous views of the Troodos Mountains to the south.

Aphrodite Hills, Secret Valley, Elea Golf Club and Minthis Golf Club are the best courses to play in the South.

Cyprus Hospitals

Health comes first… Southern Cyprus is the center of health on the island of Cyprus. Many Cypriot citizens living in the TRNC used to prefer treatment of serious illnesses in the South for a long time.
Turkey was their second choice to receive treatment.
However, with investments made in technology and health in recent years, TRNC hospitals have also raised the bar.
In particular, Near East University Hospital, Girne University Hospital and Kolan British Hospital serve  using cutting edge technology and offer high quality services, gaining on popularity  with health tourism.

TRNC IVF Tourism

IVF treatment in the  TRNC is certainly the leading niche treatment  in Cyprus..
There are many IVF licensed health institutions across the country.
Gender selection and surrogacy are among the many services offered. The success rate of IVF treatment is also higher than other countries due to the invaluable experience gained over the years.
North Cyprus IVF centers receive  strong demand from Middle Eastern and European countries as well as Turkey.
Couples visiting the island for IVF treatment  usually stay for 6-8 weeks. This creates an opportunity to receive treatment and spend time leisurely simultaneously. To cater for those needs health institutions also offer package holiday programs in cooperation with hotels. Alternatively, couples stay in short term rentals and design their own vacation.

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