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Nicosia Region Guide

13 February 2021

We are telling you about Nicosia, the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. While reviewing Nicosia housing projects, it will be useful to read the Nicosia region guide while browsing through Nicosia real estate ads.


Nicosia, the divided capital of Europe …

One side is under Turkish rule, the other side is Greek.

A city with vehicle and pedestrian border gates with Southern Cyprus.

Nicosia, the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is also the center of politics and business.

TRNC Parliament, ministries and embassies located only in the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Embassy in Nicosia side.

It is a city that hosts thousands of students, especially the Near East University, with the educational institutions opened recently.


Content Guide:

nicosia map

Nicosia Map

An island in the middle of the sea, a capital that does not see the sea in the middle of the island.

This is Nicosia.

The northern neighbors of the city, which is divided into two as North and South Nicosia, are Güzelyurt, Girne and Famagusta.

There are three border gates used in the transition from North Nicosia to South Nicosia. These are Metehan Border Gate, Lokmacı Border Gate and Ledra Palace Border Gate.

And the most striking symbol of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the giant flags. Giant Republic of Turkey and the TRNC flag embroidered on the mountain, even if it seems very clear even from Cyprus.

TRNC Beşparmak Mountains Flag Lighting Association undertakes all care of the flag.

nicosia population

Nicosia Population

The TRNC population census is usually done through the citizens of the country.

However, apart from the citizens, there are students studying in the country, soldiers working and people who come to work / start a business. That’s why the official figures are far behind reality.

The population of Nicosia is 61 thousand 378 people according to the 2011 census. Only universities have more than 47 thousand students in Nicosia.

nicosia turkish municipality

Nicosia Turkish Municipality

Nicosia Turkish Municipality is one of the world-renowned institutions of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is not officially recognized. Founding date June 16, 1958.

The current president of the municipality is Mehmet Harmancı, and its administrative center is in the Yenişehir region of Nicosia.

Known as NTM for short, the municipality brings thousands of people together under the roof of social responsibility with the Nicosia Marathon it organizes every year.

nicosia weather

Nicosia Weather

Nicosia has a climate that is hot and dry in summers and cool in winters.

Since there is no sea, there is no humidity in Nicosia. That’s why the Nicosia climate does not overwhelm even in the heat of summer. But in rainy times, life in the city stops.

Even if it rains for a short time, its roads flood due to infrastructure problems. Vehicles are stuck in traffic. Between Kyrenia and Nicosia and Nicosia Famagusta road is closed to transportation frequently.

region of nicosia

Regions of Nicosia:

  • Alayköy
  • Balıkesir
  • Beyköy
  • Cihangir
  • Çağlayan
  • Çukurova
  • Değirmenlik
  • Demirhan
  • Dilekkaya
  • Dumlupınar
  • Düzova
  • Gaziköy
  • Gelibolu
  • Göçmenköy
  • Gökhan
  • Gönyeli
  • Gürpınar
  • Hamitköy
  • Haspolat
  • Kalavaç
  • Kanlıköy
  • Kırklar
  • Kızılbaş
  • Köşklüçiftlik
  • Kumsal
  • Küçük Kaymaklı
  • Lefkoşa Surlariçi
  • Marmara
  • Meriç
  • Metehan
  • Minareliköy
  • Ortaköy
  • Sanayi Bölgesi
  • Taşkınköy
  • Türkeli
  • Yeniceköy
  • Yenikent
  • Yenişehir
  • Yılmazköy

nicosia district

Nicosia is the center of many institutions in the TRNC economy. Those who want to start a business want to start with Nicosia.

The island of Cyprus is surrounded by the sea on all four sides, but Nicosia is the only city that does not see the sea.

Therefore, even though it is preferred for working, it loses the first place in life to Kyrenia.

We can say that most of the people living in Nicosia are students. That’s why the number of rental houses is quite high. Especially during university preference periods, mobility increases. At that time, the increase in the Nicosia flight tickets and the density at Ercan Airport knows.

Gonyeli Circle is a good example for those who say whether the TRNC will experience traffic congestion. It is a spot where those who come to Nicosia from Kyrenia every morning wait for a long time.

If you are thinking of investing in Nicosia, we recommend that you research Nicosia construction companies, examine Nicosia real estate agencies and filter the one that suits your needs among the latest Nicosia housing projects.

Let’s go on a pleasant Nicosia tour with you.

nicosia hotel

Nicosia Hotels

Nicosia is a place where accommodation types have been diversified recently.

It was a city with aparts previously known as starless small hotels or Nicosia hostels and 5-star casino hotels.

Boutique hotels, whose numbers are rapidly increasing in the Old Nicosia region, were added to these.

Nicosia Boutique Hotels, which are usually located in restored historical stone buildings, are concentrated in the Surlariçi region.

Nicosia Boutique Hotels, which are in great demand in a short time with its central location, architecture and service quality in the historical bazaar, compete with luxury hotels in terms of price and occupancy.

Famous holiday booking portals such as and Trivago give priority to boutique hotels that add color to Nicosia.

Nicosia hostels were also located in Old Nicosia region in previous years. The rooms of old houses were rented. With the opening of boutique hotels, we can say that this concept has also been renewed.

Hostels also switched to residence format.

Residence flats were built for short term rentals in many parts of Nicosia. Lefkoşa residences, operated by professional management, are preferred because of their more affordable pricing than hotels.

And of course the Nicosia hotels.

Nicosia has two 5-star luxury hotels.

The first is Merit Lefkoşa Hotel, the second is Golden Tulip Hotel.

Both are often the primary choice of guests visiting the island for business, politics and arts from abroad.

Hotels, which also host prestigious events held in Nicosia, serve as a casino (casino).

In this sense, it attracts many customers from Southern Cyprus.

Apart from these two luxury hotels, there is the Saray Hotel, which is also known with the history of Nicosia.

Nicosia Saray Hotel serves at the Girne Kapı.

nicosia casino

Nicosia Casinos

Even though there are many features such as the weather in Cyprus, which is mild even in winter, its history that has hosted civilizations and its works that have survived to the present, one of the biggest factors in choosing Cyprus hotels is casinos, namely casinos.

All hotels have casinos.

Nicosia casinos serve only in hotels.

Apart from the hotels, there is no casino operation like abroad.

Outside is not casinos, but betting parlors.

Casinos, where the local people, soldiers and students are not allowed, offer their customers the promise of intense entertainment with events hosted by famous artists. That’s why those who make a vacation plan in Nicosia closely follow the entertainment calendar of the casinos for the date selection.

Famous names such as Volkan Konak, Kubat and Serdar Ortaç often take the stage at gala nights organized by Nicosia hotels and Nicosia casinos.

Nicosia Casinos List:

Merit Nicosia Hotel & Casino
Golden Tulip Nicosia Hotel & Casino
Nicosia Saray Hotel & Casino
City Royal Hotel Casino

nicosia shopping mall

Nicosia Shopping Malls

Shopping mall culture is not widespread throughout Cyprus, but also limited in Nicosia.

For example, while those who go to Southern Cyprus and Southern Nicosia are proud of shopping malls, there is only one real shopping center in Nicosia of the TRNC.

Located at the Ercan Airport crossroads, 1001 Airport Mall has a concept that brings together famous brands under one roof.

Apart from that, Dereboyu Street, the busiest point of the city, has independent stores in the shopping center concept.

Many well-known brands such as İpekyol, Mango, Lacoste, Yargıcı, Kiğılı, Sarar, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Garage, LC Waikiki, Nike, Collezione, Defacto, Tudors serve as stores in Nicosia.

As for the market, the local markets of the TRNC are also active in Nicosia.

If you say which is the most popular, we can say Erülkü Supermarket. Located in the Değirmenlik area, the supermarket is in demand from every corner of the island. Especially those who are returning to the TRNC take a break in Erülkü before going to the airport and prepare their alcohol stocks. The main reasons for this preference are the variety of products, the price advantage that comes with endless campaigns, and the opportunity to pay quickly without waiting at the cash register.

Market chains such as Lemar, Reis and Kiler also sell at many addresses in Nicosia.

nicosia universities

Nicosia Universities

Although the university city is named Famagusta, Nicosia also has a very serious student potential.

Cypriot businessman The higher education attack that started in Nicosia under the leadership of Dr. Suat Günsel raises the bar every day.

Near East University, International Cyprus University, Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, Akdeniz Karpaz University, 15 Kasım University and Cyprus American University are on the Nicosia universities list.

Universities serving within the borders of Nicosia also find a solution to the problem of Nicosia bus transportation, which is criticized by the visitors, with their own means.

Every university offers free transportation for its students.

nicosia hospitals

Nicosia Hospitals

Nicosia, the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is also the capital of health in a sense.

The largest public hospital Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital is in Nicosia.

Republic of Turkey was inaugurated by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Nicosia Emergency Hospital also opened in pandemic process and the new health investment.

Apart from that, the Near East University Hospital, the first full-fledged hospital of the TRNC, and the Near East Animal Hospital on the same campus are among those that have been successfully serving for years.

Turkey’s powerful medical group in the Kolan Group in Nicosia, runs the British Kolan Hospital.

Etik Hospital, Başkent Hospital and Cyprus Life Hospital are some of the Nicosia hospitals.

Nicosia is also very active in IVF treatment, which has a large place in the Cyprus health sector.

Many Cyprus IVF clinics are located in Nicosia.

nicosia rent a car

Nicosia Car Rental

In fact, the capital Nicosia is a city that you can easily visit on foot. However, it is not common to walk on the road in the TRNC. The effect of the heat in the summer months is also great.

Public transport facilities are also not very common.

That’s why those who come on a short-term holiday prefer to rent a car.

Nicosia car rental companies are very professional in this regard.

Most of them serve as Ercan Airport rent a car office.

The same companies also have offices in the center of Nicosia.

Your passport and driving license are sufficient during the Cyprus car rental service. No credit card requirement.

A small suggestion from us is to check the condition quickly before you take delivery of the vehicle, if there is any, make sure that it is included in the appraisal report.

nicosia night life

Nicosia Nightlife

In cities with sea, nightlife is usually decorated with sea view venues. For example, businesses in Kyrenia make good use of the sea view. Capital Nicosia, on the other hand, closes the sea handicap, perhaps with its service quality. There is music and dance in Nicosia nightlife. But whatever you say in the first row, definitely Nicosia taverns

We can say that the most delicious and most preferred Cypriot taverns on the island are gathered in Nicosia. Nicosia taverns are very popular with their appetizers, endless meats, alcohol varieties, friendliness and pleasant conversation.

Apart from taverns, the bars are also in Nicosia.

There are many places that make good music in the old Nicosia region.

NOTE: Never drive if you are under the influence of alcohol. You do not have the right to risk both yourself and the other party. Moreover, the punishment for drinking and driving in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is very heavy. It goes up to the arrest.

nicosia night clubs

Nicosia Night Clubs

A little different understanding of nightclub than the night life with meyhane.

If you say they are like entertainment centers of hotels, it is not.

In essence, we can say that Cyprus nightclubs are enterprises where sexuality is presented by the state and under its control.

These enterprises within the boundaries of the municipality are licensed and undergo health checks from time to time.

Generally, foreign women are employed.

In particular cause of sex tourism from Turkey to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus extends to these nightclubs.

Most of the TRNC nightclubs are within the borders of Nicosia.

The area where Nicosia nightclubs are concentrated is the Alayköy region.

Some guides and some taxi drivers, who generally serve on the island, are the walking representatives of nightclubs.

He lists the options for young people who come to the island at the earliest opportunity and creates a nightclub tour.

Lipstick Night Club, Hanedan Night Club, Playboy Night Club, Emperor Night Club and Biyax Night Club are some of these nightclubs.

girne kapısı

Girne Kapısı

Girne Kapısı is a work from the Venetian period.

At that time, the city of Nicosia was completely covered with walls and there were three exit gates.

One of those three gates is the Girne Kapısı.

The name of the door was not changed during the Ottoman Empire and British rule after the Venetians.

The Girne Kapısı, which is also used today, this time serves as the gate of the transition from New Nicosia to Old Nicosia.

Those who want to see historical inns, artefacts and narrow streets pass to the Arasta region by using the Girne Kapısı.

Access to the famous Saray Hotel, the General Directorate of Foundations and the TRNC Courts is also provided through the one-way Girne Kapısı.

You can use the car parks in the area where parking is a bit problematic on the road.

Selen Parking is also known as one of the most used parking spaces.

There are many restaurants, cafes and shopping points at the Girne Kapısı, which is heavily visited by the soldiers on the bazaar leave on weekends.

yiğitler burcu

Yigitler Burcu

This is one of the borders between Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus.

A border, but a border separated by fences.

It is located in the Arapahmet district in Old Nicosia.

The United Nations-controlled buffer zone and Ledra Palace face the southern point of the border crossing under Southern Cyprus control. Taksim Football Field, Ledra Palace and Dragos Square and Paphos Gate in the Southern Cyprus part can easily be seen from the area known as Yiğitler Park.

Yiğitler Burcu is within the borders of the military zone, but it is open to visitors during daylight hours.

There is a small teahouse inside.

Yiğitler Burcu will be a stop where you will sit with pleasure when you hear the always fresh tea and Turkish Classical Music songs coming from the radio speaker.

The tour is listed as one of the stops of Nicosia trips attended by tourists coming to TRNC for vacation.

On social media, you can see many ‘border’ and ‘wire mesh’ themed photos taken from Yiğitler Burcu.

ledra palace

Ledra Palace

Both the hotel and the name of the region are actually.

It takes its name from the hotel located between Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus.

The hotel was built between 1947-1949.

The architect of the hotel is German Benjamin Günsberg.

The Ledra Palace hotel is in the buffer zone for now, but it is owned by the Southern Cyprus Church.

It served as one of the most luxurious hotels on the island when it was built.

The hotel moved to a different position after the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation.

For many years, it has been used by the United Nations administration on the island.

All official visits between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus take place at Ledra Palace Hotel, also known as the ‘buffer zone’. You can also find content in Turkish resources as Ledra Palas.

There is also a border gate called Ledra Palace or Ledra Palace.

This Ledra Palace is in the middle of the bazaars on both sides.

Some of those who go from North to South for diplomatic, education, work and health use this door.

metehan border gate

Metehan Border Gate

Metehan Border Gate is located in the Nicosia Kermiya region.

Access is possible on foot, by bicycle or by vehicle.

It is a very frequently used door when crossing from North to South during holidays.

During these periods, long transition and return queues occur.

In order to turn the exchange rate difference between the Euro and the Turkish Lira into an advantage, the Greeks who come from Southern Cyprus to Northern Cyprus especially to buy gasoline also prefer this gate.

büyük han

Büyük Han

Büyük Han is the symbol of a history of about 500 years.

It is located in the capital city of Nicosia, in the Arasta region.

It was built by the Ottoman Empire after the conquest of Cyprus.

The inn, which has recently undergone restoration, has a magnificent two-story structure.

Büyük Han’s two entrance gates.

The foundations market surrounds it, and there are workshops and restaurants in it.

A place you can stop by for a coffee or lunch.

It closes a little early in the evening, so you may be late for dinner.

kumarcılar hanı

Kumarcılar Hanı

The second inn located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with Büyük Han.

It has a history that attracts attention with its name, Kumarcılar Hanı, but is used to mean ‘saddlers’, not ‘gambling’ as it is known. It was already known as ‘Hımarcılar Inn’, in other words ‘donkeys’ inn, in earlier times.

The Kumarcılar Hanı has also recently undergone restoration.

Financing was provided by the Republic of Turkey, was seen as the beginning of change in the Arasta.

It is one of the stops you should visit during your visit to Nicosia.

nicosia real estate

Nicosia Real Estate Listings

The population of the city is not stable, when there is a lot of student movement, the traffic of Nicosia real estate ads does not slow down.

In general, there is an increase in the advertisements for houses for sale in Nicosia, which are given by those who are looking for a house for rent in Nicosia during the preference periods of universities, and by those who leave the island by investing when the schools are finished.

Nicosia postings are mostly focused on the flat concept.

Flats are preferred more for the center points of the city and for students.

Villas are more popular for residents.

Especially in the Yenikent region, the search for Nicosia villas for rent and villas for sale in Nicosia never ends.

The villa need of those who live the pandemic process by closing in the flat always keeps these real estate advertisements alive.

There are not only residents but also those who plan investments by considering the future.

Their demand is also advertisements for land for sale in Nicosia.

Rather than the regions where the price is rising and the density is increasing, the lands in more virgin and will gain value in the long term are in demand.

After Alayköy and Değirmenlik surroundings, Nicosia are the addresses where land advertisements are concentrated.

nicosia housing project

Nicosia Housing Projects

Usually, local Cypriot construction companies work in Nicosia.

Foreign investors like Kyrenia have not yet received any demand.

Nicosia housing projects are more of an apartment style concept.

Recently, two-storey buildings with an entrance garden and the second floor as a terrace started to increase.

Since there is a floor restriction in the Nicosia zoning plan, the houses cannot rise like in Iskele and Famagusta.

Nicosia housing projects are generally bought / sold for investment purposes rather than for residence purposes.

Sometimes, local investors prefer these residences to rent to students. Sometimes, students who prefer TRNC universities and who prefer to buy a house instead of spending money on rent thinking that they will stay on the island for at least 4-5 years make purchases.

When you examine the Nicosia real estate ads, you will see this detail.

By the way, there is an advantage that distinguishes Nicosia housing projects from others that, since they are domestic construction companies, they usually offer the company the opportunity to pay by hand. This provides convenience for domestic investors.


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