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What is an Eco House?

16 August 2021

We hear a lot about ecologic houses in recent years. What is an ecologic house? Is it built as a precaution against environmental issues caused by the modern world we live in or is it a system invented for cost cutting reasons? What are distinctive features of an eco-house? How is the energy supply of an eco-house provided and what are the specifics? You will find all answers about eco houses in our article.


Ecologic houses are a modern version of already existing houses built in history. They are self-sufficient, environment friendly buildings.

Building ecologic houses is a trend gaining on popularity worldwide. Materials are recyclable, they produce and store their own energy supply; in summary they are self-sufficient all around. Let’s find out what an eco-house really is and discover specifics and distinctive features of an eco-house.

What is an Eco House? 

An eco-house is a type of residential building based on the natural ecosystem and therefore protecting the environment it is built in.  Similar to the natural ecosystem, an ecological house is self-sufficient with regards to production of water, energy, acclimatization and consumables. It will use the self-produced energy and store the surplus production.

 A typical house destroys resources like a black hole. Sources cannot be stored, become obsolete after a while and merge with the environment. Furthermore, the produced waste is released to the environment and some of the waste turns toxic and causes environmental damage.

There is no waste in an ideal ecologic house as consumed resources are recycled and used for more than one purpose. For instance, at a house using solar energy there would be no need to use gas for warm water supply as the solar energy will heat up the stored water and make it ready to use. Ecological houses have energy storage units to enable the multiple utilization of energy sources.

Specifics of Ecological Houses and Their Distinctive Features

Ecological houses are preferred by people who wish to live in a modern house without damaging the environment. The motivation of building eco houses is to build “nature-friendly” not only with respect to construction material but not to harm the environment during the whole phase of construction.

The house is built by using material like clay and lime. For the decoration recyclable wall paper is preferred instead of plastic paint.

Energy is produced and stored by microgeneration systems like solar panels and wind energy. Therefore, there is no extra expenditure on electricity, water and heating costs.

Waste water of the house is reutilized. After treatment water is re-used for irrigation and water closets.

There are many more examples.  Every product has a cycle of usage. Furthermore, heating of ecological houses is predominantly provided by geothermic and solar energy systems. However, using these heating methods on their own is not enough. Insulation is needed for an efficient use of the heat production. Ecological houses are insulated with environmentally compliant material.

Eating vegetables and fruit boosted with hormones or fast grown chicken is not imaginable when living in an ecological house. Luckily you don’t have to. There are simple methods to transform organic waste into valuable organic fertilizers and to grow organic and healthy food in the green house or garden of an eco-house. You can set up a hen house to have your own chickens to feed natural protein to your children. These are some additions to the concept of an eco-house.

  • Specifications of an Eco House

No harm to the environment during construction

High levels of heat and sound insulation

No use of health and nature endangering carcinogenic material

Plastering with natural clay and lime

Using recyclable wallpaper instead of paint.

Recyclable construction material and furnishing

Low carbon emission and carbon footprint.

Inspiring Eco Houses

We know that ecologic houses are environmental friendly and sustainable. Let’s have a look at heartwarming samples of ecological buildings where architecture and aesthetics compliment ecology.

  1. Sustainable Scottish Eco House

As it can be seen on the photo, this house, resembling a hut is built by using natural materials. The carcass of the house is built by using oak timber, providing a beautiful and interesting façade on the outside. It is worth mentioning that the house has floor heating and heat preserving insulation as well.

Those specifics hint at a deliberate decision to build with low carbon footprint. We can conclude that owners of this house have been responsible towards preserving nature to a great extent.

2.Ecological Farm House without Carbon Emission

Natural materials have been used predominantly at the construction of this stone house. It has been equipped with systems to produce energy supply where surplus energy is stored. The presence of huge glass fronts aims at maximum benefitting from sunlight.

3.Perfectly Insulated Eco Home

This spectacular detached house in the UK has an extensive insulation system. Therefore, there is almost zero loss of heat. The construction is done in a way to prevent excessive use of energy and protects the environment.

4.Eco House Built from Waste

The motto “There is no waste. There are only tings at the wrong place” was the inspiration of the house completely built from waste material in the UK. 20.000 old toothbrushes, 4.000 DVD’s, 2.000 flash discs and 5.000 pieces of waste parquet have been reutilized for the building. Following this idea, it can be easily acknowledged that nothing is really a waste. All things can be repurposed to materials catering for needs of others.

5.Eco Building

The contemporary transformation of this 100-year-old building in compliance with ecologic principles in New York includes the use of 2 solar panels in addition to a sophisticated ventilation system providing uninterrupted clean air circulation with minimum loss of energy. This example shows us how technology can be used to invest in the future of the world when used appropriately by mankind.

6.Bamboo Eco House

The utilization of high tech solar panels, geothermal heating systems and methods of rain collection in combination with natural bamboo and clay construction material is a good example of environment sensible buildings. This eco house in Vietnam distinguishes itself from others with its functional and minimalist concept.

7.Eco Block of Flats

Who says that an ecologic approach to construction can only be achieved by building expensive detached houses? This block of flats in Los Angeles, West Hollywood is affordable and environmental friendly. It must be a wonderful experience to live in one of those flats not only for its solar power and eco heating system, but for its own private forest as well.



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