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Near East University Hospital

Authorized Name: Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Hastanesi
Adress: Yakın Doğu Bulvarı
Email: info@med.neu.edu.tr
Opening Hours: 7/24
2th Year in KEM
Mobile: 03924440535
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Near East University Hospital was built in 2010, above European standards, with 36 service departments equipped with advanced technology and a private hospital understanding.

With the services provided by the distinguished physician staff, it is aimed to save the Turkish Cypriots from external dependence on healthcare services, and to ensure that patients from abroad come to Northern Cyprus to receive healthcare services.

Near East University Hospital, which has a closed area of ​​55,000 square meters in Nicosia, on the Near East University Campus, consists of three main blocks with three, four and nine floors, 209 single-person patient rooms, 22 of which are VIPs, and 8 operating rooms. Provides health services with 30 intensive care units and 17 neonatal intensive care units.

Analytical laboratories where all tests related to health can be performed, Radiology Center with the most advanced imaging devices that have an effective role in diagnosis, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center with very strong equipment in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer cases, 84 fully digitalized doctor examination rooms and polyclinic services at the highest level and provides patients with an environment of trust.

The hospital, built in accordance with international standards and “Joint Commission International” (JCI) accreditation criteria, offers both medical and other needs of patients in line with these standards and criteria.

Patient safety and the Near East University Hospital is kept at the forefront of patient rights, notably Cyprus and Turkey, the world’s international patients with Turks living in various places in England, medical infrastructure, which provides health services with specialized staff and advanced technologies.

The Hospital Operating System integrated with the Laboratory (LIS) and Radiology Operating System (RIS) where the patient files containing the laboratory results, imaging images and doctor diagnosis reports are kept completely electronically and enables authorized physicians to access these files from any point of the hospital, even from anywhere in the world. The Near East University Hospital, which has (HIS), has the features that the world will appreciate with these capabilities.

At Near East University Hospital, “International Patient Coordination Center” provides service to patients coming from abroad. This center coordinates the transportation of foreign patients to Northern Cyprus, their accommodation, tours and transfers within the country, as well as enabling them to communicate in their own language at the hospital, and to ensure that the patients return to their countries safely after they regain their health.

Near East University Hospital, which has realized many innovations and firsts in Cyprus, is the first and only Radiotherapy Center with the most advanced technology (Rapid Arc technology) in Cyprus, PET / CT, Rapidarc and Brachytherapy devices, PACS equipment, all tests can be done and reference It offers the country’s first and only private jet plane, which is also an ambulance, to the service of its patients.

Near East University Hospital, which has made a name in international platforms with departments such as Cardiovascular Surgery, IVF, Gastroenterology, Radiation Oncology, offers superior services in branches such as Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Women’s and Child Health, Geriatrics, Dermatology and Radiology, Breast Health Center and It is expanding its health services every day with the Athlete Health Center.

Our hospital, which accepts patients from all over the world, provides health services to the people of the region in Famagusta and Güzelyurt dispensaries, except Nicosia, with the importance it attaches to public health.

Near East University Hospital has been honored with many international prestigious awards for its commitment to medicine and humanitarian values, superior performance in service quality and management quality.



    • European Community Best Practice Award, 2013, Vienna
    • Five Great Continents Quality and Excellence award, 2013, Genoa
    • ‘Quality in Corporate Development’ from the American Health Congress, 2013, Las Vegas
    • WORLDCOB Corporate Excellence Award, 2013, Dubai
    • International Socrates Award, 2013, Montreux
    • Best University Gold Award, 2013, Montreux
    • Quality and Business Prestige Golden Award, 2013, Rome
    • European International Arch Gold Quality Award, 2014, Frankfurt
    • European Quality Award, 2014, Italy

Near East University Hospital, serving in the Kyrenia Region, is the second most equipped hospital in the country after Near East University Hospital. Suat Günsel works in coordination with the University of Kyrenia Hospital.

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